Today I received my order for a Razor Travel Case...

December 10 2008

I wanted to drop you a note...

November 28 2008

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A Dedicated Team

RADIUS® is proudly women-owned and operated. We thrive thanks to the team of dedicated, smart, close-knit individuals behind the scenes and value the contribution of each and every one of them.

The Radius Story

Our story begins on the beaches of the British Virgin Islands where the idea for the RADIUS® Original® was dreamed up by two architects with an insatiable love for clever design.

Green for the Right Reasons

RADIUS® takes a completely holistic approach when it comes to designing and manufacturing our products to ensure it’s rooted in sustainable decisions that reduce our carbon footprint.

The Press, They Love Us...

From Time Magazine to Dr. Oz, the press can’t seem to get enough of RADIUS® and our line of (r)evolutionary products…

News & Events

Find out what's going on with RADIUS® and where we'll be next.